About Us

"SSM is a team of world-class marketers and growth experts, connecting high growth businesses with new customer opportunities around the world."

Our Mission

To play a leading role in the exponential growth of our clients, provide rapid access to new markets, and share our enthusiasm & knowledge for building businesses - all whilst staying true to our core values of Fearlessness, Team, Transparency and Passion.

Our Story

The SSM story began in May 2020 with the vision of creating a truly client-centric approach to lead generation, focusing on giving clients a powerful platform to grow their business with a high performing marketing partner they could rely on. Since inception, we have grown to become a multi-vertical, industry leading growth partner that has helped over 70 clients including SMEs, large privates and public companies access new customers around the globe.

Our business is built on people and relationships, we take the time to understand the people we work with and the businesses they've built. We have a deep respect and intimate knowledge of our clients' industries, the products they sell and the challenges they face. Our relationships are our motivation, we're relentlessly focused on driving results for the clients that've chosen to work with us.

Our Values


We dare to do things differently. Fearless to challenge the status quo, continuously innovate and be true to our values.


We're in the people business. Through strong teamwork and empathy we can better understand and support our clients in their goals for growth.


We're upfront about who we are and what we offer. Great relationships are based on openess, integrity and accountability.


Embedded in our DNA. We're relentless and focused because we love what we do for the clients that share our same values.

Our incredible clients

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